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2/19/11Map window tips
2/19/11Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
2/11/11How to build a subway


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Simutrans 110.0 released
 Submitted on  2/17/11 by Webmaster
New tutorial
 Submitted on  2/12/11 by Webmaster
Merry X-Mas
 Submitted on  12/26/08 by Webmaster
E-Mail address
 Submitted on  7/1/07 by Webmaster
Simutrans 88.10.5 (stabil)
 Submitted on  7/2/06 by Webmaster
 Submitted on  7/1/06 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.14 released
 Submitted on  1/22/06 by Webmaster
Happy new year
 Submitted on  12/31/05 by Webmaster
Server problems (partly solved)
 Submitted on  12/31/05 by Webmaster
New tip
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
Airplanes and Canels
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.13 (Problem with GDI-version of Simutrans)
 Submitted on  11/1/05 by Webmaster
Simutrans Wiki / Documentation
 Submitted on  10/21/05 by Webmaster
Update for SimuStarter 0.29.12
 Submitted on  10/2/05 by Webmaster
New tip: How to use presignals
 Submitted on  8/20/05 by Webmaster
Industry tree
 Submitted on  8/17/05 by Webmaster
New simutrans forum
 Submitted on  8/13/05 by Webmaster
Simutrans documentation / wiki offline
 Submitted on  8/12/05 by Webmaster
Scheduled downtime (Screenshot-section only)
 Submitted on  6/25/05 by Webmaster
New tips / Update of the station tutorial / Forum offline
 Submitted on  6/20/05 by Webmaster
How to use powerlines tutorial
 Submitted on  5/18/05 by Webmaster
Station coverage area
 Submitted on  4/24/05 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.12 released
 Submitted on  4/13/05 by Webmaster
New tips
 Submitted on  2/26/05 by Webmaster
3 years www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/19/05 by Webmaster
Christmas gift for Simutrans players
 Submitted on  12/23/04 by Webmaster
Forum offline
 Submitted on  12/22/04 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  12/14/04 by Webmaster
Pak128 version 1.0 released!
 Submitted on  12/6/04 by Webmaster
 Submitted on  12/3/04 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.10 - Czech translation
 Submitted on  11/27/04 by Webmaster
Passenger transport tutorial online! New tip and tutorials!
 Submitted on  10/13/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans released (Public release)
 Submitted on  9/27/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans Chat
 Submitted on  9/15/04 by Webmaster
Locomotion - New links
 Submitted on  9/3/04 by Webmaster
A new poll has been started
 Submitted on  8/25/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans (Important bugfixes)
 Submitted on  8/25/04 by Webmaster
Locomotion (more release dates and links)
 Submitted on  8/22/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans development (07/2004 - 08/2004)
 Submitted on  8/20/04 by Webmaster
Locomotion (Transport Tycoon 2) - Release date
 Submitted on  8/17/04 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  6/22/04 by Webmaster
New tutorial in work - Passenger transport tutorial
 Updated on  6/11/04 by Webmaster
Tips page updated
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
Transport Tycoon 2 / Transport giant
 Submitted on  5/27/04 by Webmaster
SimuStarter homepage
 Submitted on  5/25/04 by Webmaster
New Screenshots; New Tips; New poll
 Submitted on  5/14/04 by Webmaster
Poll closed : Which operating system do you use to ...
 Submitted on  5/12/04 by Webmaster
www.simutrans-tips.com online again
 Submitted on  5/5/04 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  4/10/04 by Webmaster
New Simutrans forum is online
 Submitted on  3/14/04 by Webmaster
Pak128 beta version released!
 Submitted on  2/12/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans (experimental) has been released
 Submitted on  2/8/04 by Webmaster
2 years www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/20/04 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.8 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  1/18/04 by Webmaster
Broken links on www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/14/04 by Webmaster
www.simutrans-tips.com - problems
 Updated on  1/14/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans released (experimental version)
 Submitted on  1/11/04 by Webmaster
Happy new year
 Submitted on  12/30/03 by Webmaster
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Another year inclines to itself the end. It was an eventful year for the Simutrans community. The development of the new 128x128 imageset accompanied us through this year. Also Simutrans experienced many improvements.

In June 2002 it was decided that Simutrans will get a new imageset with more detailed images. The development of the 128x128 imageset started in January 2003. Some weeks ago the first alpha release of the new imageset has been published in the Simutrans group.

The new imageset contains many improvements like better graphics, more engines, buildings and new industry chains. Many people have invested much time into the new imageset. I would like the thank them very much for the great new imageset.

A lot of new features have been added to Simutrans in 2003:
  • Zoom-function
  • Legend in Map-Window
  • New extended depot window
  • Improved station information window
  • Slope-Tools
  • Line-Management (only in very experimental Simutrans releases yet)
  • Loading grade bar in vehicle list and vehicle information window
  • Speed bar in vehicle information window
  • Rating of good and passanger transport services (see station information window)
  • Elecrified tracks (2002?)
  • New translations
  • Finances Window has been improved very much
  • Compressed savegames
  • Many bugfixes
  • ...

Due of problems during the change of the webhoster the Simutrans-Tips site (www.simutrans-tips.com) was offline for about three weeks.

Since some months a screenshot section with images of the comming 128x128 imageset and a new link page is online. The news section has been extended in May 2003.

In January 2004 an updated train-tutorial will be published.

... we wish you an happy new year!
New links
 Submitted on  12/25/03 by Webmaster
Pak128 alpha version released!
 Updated on  12/15/03 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  11/19/03 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.7 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  11/9/03 by Webmaster
New links page
 Submitted on  10/29/03 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  10/19/03 by Webmaster
Offtopic: Top7 List (German)
 Submitted on  10/18/03 by Webmaster
New tips
 Submitted on  10/11/03 by Webmaster
RSS Feed
 Submitted on  10/10/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.10exp is available for BeOS
 Submitted on  9/30/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans-tips page updates
 Submitted on  9/27/03 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.6 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.10exp released
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
www.simutrans-tips.com is online again
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.9exp has been released
 Submitted on  9/16/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.8exp released
 Submitted on  9/7/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.5exp (30-July-2003) is available
 Submitted on  8/2/03 by Webmaster
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