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2/19/11Map window tips
2/19/11Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
2/11/11How to build a subway


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Simutrans 110.0 released
 Submitted on  2/17/11 by Webmaster
New tutorial
 Submitted on  2/12/11 by Webmaster
Merry X-Mas
 Submitted on  12/26/08 by Webmaster
E-Mail address
 Submitted on  7/1/07 by Webmaster
Simutrans 88.10.5 (stabil)
 Submitted on  7/2/06 by Webmaster
 Submitted on  7/1/06 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.14 released
 Submitted on  1/22/06 by Webmaster
Happy new year
 Submitted on  12/31/05 by Webmaster
Server problems (partly solved)
 Submitted on  12/31/05 by Webmaster
New tip
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
Airplanes and Canels
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.13 (Problem with GDI-version of Simutrans)
 Submitted on  11/1/05 by Webmaster
Simutrans Wiki / Documentation
 Submitted on  10/21/05 by Webmaster
Update for SimuStarter 0.29.12
 Submitted on  10/2/05 by Webmaster
New tip: How to use presignals
 Submitted on  8/20/05 by Webmaster
Industry tree
 Submitted on  8/17/05 by Webmaster
New simutrans forum
 Submitted on  8/13/05 by Webmaster
Simutrans documentation / wiki offline
 Submitted on  8/12/05 by Webmaster
Scheduled downtime (Screenshot-section only)
 Submitted on  6/25/05 by Webmaster
New tips / Update of the station tutorial / Forum offline
 Submitted on  6/20/05 by Webmaster
How to use powerlines tutorial
 Submitted on  5/18/05 by Webmaster
Station coverage area
 Submitted on  4/24/05 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.12 released
 Submitted on  4/13/05 by Webmaster
New tips
 Submitted on  2/26/05 by Webmaster
3 years www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/19/05 by Webmaster
Christmas gift for Simutrans players
 Submitted on  12/23/04 by Webmaster
Forum offline
 Submitted on  12/22/04 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  12/14/04 by Webmaster
Pak128 version 1.0 released!
 Submitted on  12/6/04 by Webmaster
 Submitted on  12/3/04 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.10 - Czech translation
 Submitted on  11/27/04 by Webmaster
Passenger transport tutorial online! New tip and tutorials!
 Submitted on  10/13/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans released (Public release)
 Submitted on  9/27/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans Chat
 Submitted on  9/15/04 by Webmaster
Locomotion - New links
 Submitted on  9/3/04 by Webmaster
A new poll has been started
 Submitted on  8/25/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans (Important bugfixes)
 Submitted on  8/25/04 by Webmaster
Locomotion (more release dates and links)
 Submitted on  8/22/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans development (07/2004 - 08/2004)
 Submitted on  8/20/04 by Webmaster
Locomotion (Transport Tycoon 2) - Release date
 Submitted on  8/17/04 by Webmaster
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According to the german website of Atari Locomotion will be released in September.

Release dates:
- Germany: 09th September 2004

see: http://www.de.atari.com/productpage.php?productID=398 (german)
New screenshots
 Submitted on  6/22/04 by Webmaster
New tutorial in work - Passenger transport tutorial
 Updated on  6/11/04 by Webmaster
Tips page updated
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
Transport Tycoon 2 / Transport giant
 Submitted on  5/27/04 by Webmaster
SimuStarter homepage
 Submitted on  5/25/04 by Webmaster
New Screenshots; New Tips; New poll
 Submitted on  5/14/04 by Webmaster
Poll closed : Which operating system do you use to ...
 Submitted on  5/12/04 by Webmaster
www.simutrans-tips.com online again
 Submitted on  5/5/04 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  4/10/04 by Webmaster
New Simutrans forum is online
 Submitted on  3/14/04 by Webmaster
Pak128 beta version released!
 Submitted on  2/12/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans (experimental) has been released
 Submitted on  2/8/04 by Webmaster
2 years www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/20/04 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.8 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  1/18/04 by Webmaster
Broken links on www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/14/04 by Webmaster
www.simutrans-tips.com - problems
 Updated on  1/14/04 by Webmaster
Simutrans released (experimental version)
 Submitted on  1/11/04 by Webmaster
Happy new year
 Submitted on  12/30/03 by Webmaster
New links
 Submitted on  12/25/03 by Webmaster
Pak128 alpha version released!
 Updated on  12/15/03 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  11/19/03 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.7 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  11/9/03 by Webmaster
New links page
 Submitted on  10/29/03 by Webmaster
New screenshots
 Submitted on  10/19/03 by Webmaster
Offtopic: Top7 List (German)
 Submitted on  10/18/03 by Webmaster
New tips
 Submitted on  10/11/03 by Webmaster
RSS Feed
 Submitted on  10/10/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.10exp is available for BeOS
 Submitted on  9/30/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans-tips page updates
 Submitted on  9/27/03 by Webmaster
SimuStarter 0.29.6 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.10exp released
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
www.simutrans-tips.com is online again
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.9exp has been released
 Submitted on  9/16/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.8exp released
 Submitted on  9/7/03 by Webmaster
Simutrans 0.82.5exp (30-July-2003) is available
 Submitted on  8/2/03 by Webmaster
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