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New tips
2/19/11Map window tips
2/19/11Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
2/11/11How to build a subway


News archiv
Simutrans 110.0 released
 Submitted on  2/17/11 by Webmaster
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A new stable Simutrans version has been released.

It is the first version with multiplayer support and contains many bugfixes and improvements.

See: http://forum.simutrans.com/index.php?topic=6870.0
New tutorial
 Submitted on  2/12/11 by Webmaster
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In the tips section you can find a new tip:
- How to build a subway
Merry X-Mas
 Submitted on  12/26/08 by Webmaster
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Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Feliz Navidad!

E-Mail address
 Submitted on  7/1/07 by Webmaster
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The email address has been changed. The new address is simutrans@simutrans-tips.com.
Simutrans 88.10.5 (stabil)
 Submitted on  7/2/06 by Webmaster
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A new stable Simutrans version has been released.

See: http://forum.simutrans.com/index.php/topic,3023.0.html
 Submitted on  7/1/06 by Webmaster
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The download section is online again

Please report broken links and not working sites to simutranstips@lycos.de
SimuStarter 0.29.14 released
 Submitted on  1/22/06 by Webmaster
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SimuStarter 0.29.14 is available.

You can download it at http://www.simutrans-tips.com/en/downloads.php.

You should download the new version, if you use the GDI-version of Simutrans. If you use the SDL-version of Simutrans, you don't need this patch)

The "Load Savegame"-option has been ignored by GDI-releases of Simutrans. Now it is only ignored if the savegame name contains spaces. This means, that you can load a savegeame by selecting it in the Start-Simutrans dialog)
Happy new year
 Submitted on  12/31/05 by Webmaster
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I wish you a happy new year.
Server problems (partly solved)
 Submitted on  12/31/05 by Webmaster
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Due of some server-problems the simutrans-tips was not broken for some days or weeks. The site itself is online again.

The following parts doesn't work at the moment:
- Download-page

The most important download-links:
-SimuStarter 0.29.12 (don't forget the patch!)
-Patch for SimuStarter 0.29.12 (updates it to version 0.29.13)

Update 01-Jan-2005: The download-page is online again (a new one).
New tip
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
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A factory delivers goods only, if the reciever is not overcrowded (with the good)
Airplanes and Canels
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
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In the latest experimental Simutrans releases you can use airplans and you can build canels.
SimuStarter 0.29.13 (Problem with GDI-version of Simutrans)
 Submitted on  11/1/05 by Webmaster
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In recent SimuStarter releases you can select a savegame in the "Start Simutrans"-dialog. It seems that this only works with the SDL-version of Simutrans.
Simutrans Wiki / Documentation
 Submitted on  10/21/05 by Webmaster
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The first parts of the new Simutrans documentation are online. You can find them in the new Simutrans wiki:

Please visit Simutrans Forum (Section Development - Wiki) if you would like to join the Wiki-Team (as author) or if you would like to discuss about the wiki.
Update for SimuStarter 0.29.12
 Submitted on  10/2/05 by Webmaster
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At http://downloads.simutrans-tips.com/ you can find an update for SimuStarter 0.29.12. The update is needed if you want to use SimuStarter to start Simutrans 86.03.2 and later in fullscreen mode.

The update contains the previous updates (new Russian translation and update of the Brazilian Portuguese translation)
New tip: How to use presignals
 Submitted on  8/20/05 by Webmaster
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I have added a new tip:
- How to use presignals
Industry tree
 Submitted on  8/17/05 by Webmaster
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There is a nice industry tree on the homepage of the 128x128 imageset:
http://www.128.simutrans.com/images/struktura.png (external link)
New simutrans forum
 Submitted on  8/13/05 by Webmaster
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There is a new Simutrans forum at http://forum.simutrans.com.[/url]
Simutrans documentation / wiki offline
 Submitted on  8/12/05 by Webmaster
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The simutrans official Simutrans wiki is offline. The official Simutrans documentation is part of the wiki. Because of this the links from www.simutrans-tips.com to the Simutrans wiki and documentation are broken.
Scheduled downtime (Screenshot-section only)
 Submitted on  6/25/05 by Webmaster
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The screenshot section will be down for some hours this Saturday night (this is Sat/Sun).
New tips / Update of the station tutorial / Forum offline
 Submitted on  6/20/05 by Webmaster
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New tip:

Updated tip:

Updated tutorial:
  • How to build stations (I have added some information about presignals. The article will be updated in the next weeks again)
How to use powerlines tutorial
 Submitted on  5/18/05 by Webmaster
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You can find the new tutorial in the tips-section of this website:

I will move it into the tutorials section as soon as possible.
Station coverage area
 Submitted on  4/24/05 by Webmaster
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The station coverage area has changed to 5x5 squares in recent Simutrans releases. That means that a bus stop and each square of a station covers 5x5 tiles. The information in the Passenger transport tutorial is only valid for old Simutrans releases.
SimuStarter 0.29.12 released
 Submitted on  4/13/05 by Webmaster
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This version is a release for the translators and testers. Players should stay at version 0.29.8.

Dowload-Link: http://downloads.simutrans-tips.com
SimuStarter homepage: http://simustarter.simutrans-tips.com

Please post your comments in the Simutrans-Forum: link removed

Major changes:
  • Improved user interface (scenario selection, window size selection)
  • Timeline can be switched on and off (requires Simutrans 0.85.02 or later)
  • Start year can be changed (requires Simutrans 0.85.02 or later)
  • Start Simutrans Dialog: If you double click on a savegame the
    savegame will be loaded

Minor changes:
  • Import-menu has been removed
  • Fixed bug in reading the SimuStarter configuration and profile files
  • pak128 and pak_jp are displayed in the scenario-list
  • ....

Updated and new translations:
  • Czech translation has been added (Thanks to nalim27)
  • French translation has been rewritten (thanks to Alexandre Frauenknecht)
  • Brazilian Portuguese has been updated (Thanks to Eric Costa Oliveira)
  • Traditional Chinese has been updated (Thanks to Dennis CHAN Cho-Fung)
New tips
 Submitted on  2/26/05 by Webmaster
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3 years www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/19/05 by Webmaster
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The Simutrans-Tips page is online since 20th January 2002. I'm very happy to see how Simutrans has been improved in the last years. Great features like line management has been added in the last years. Trams will be added in the next months. A new imageset has been painted.

I would like to thank Hajo for developing Simutrans and supporting the Simutrans community over all the years. I would also thank the other developers and painters for their great work.
Christmas gift for Simutrans players
 Submitted on  12/23/04 by Webmaster
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Download new addons. Our graphics development team was working very hard during Autum to bring you new buildings and new vehicles (almost 100 new objects so far!).

Download: http://128.simutrans.com/

(News taken from 128.simutrans.com)
Forum offline
 Submitted on  12/22/04 by Webmaster
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The forum is down for security reasons. It will go online again in the first quarter of 2005.

Some parts of the forum are available here:
- Contents of the tips-forum
- Content of the news forum

Alternative forums:
- Official Simutrans Forum
- German Simutrans Forum
- SimuStarter discussion group
New screenshots
 Submitted on  12/14/04 by Webmaster
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We have uploaded some new screenshots from the 128x128 imageset and the upcoming tram feature.

Thank you for uploading and creating the new screenshots Tomas and Dario!

See: Screenshots from Simutrans-Tips.com and 128.Simutrans.com
Pak128 version 1.0 released!
 Submitted on  12/6/04 by Webmaster
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Version 1.0 of the 128-imageset has been released.

I will post some additional information in the next days.

Discussion about the new release:


07-dec-2004 New update:
czech version online! (Dirk promised to make german version soon.)
 Submitted on  12/3/04 by Webmaster
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Some parts of the screenshots section has been offline for a very long time. Now they are online again on a new server. The new server offers us much additional space. Because of this we are able to upload new screenshots in the next weeks and months.

The new server is hosted by Isaac Eiland-Hall. Thank you Isaac!

We will upload new screenshots

Markus Weber
(Administrator of screenshots.simutrans.com)
SimuStarter 0.29.10 - Czech translation
 Submitted on  11/27/04 by Webmaster
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Nalim27 has created an Czech translation of SimuStarter 0.29.10.

You can download the translation at http://simustarter.simutrans-tips.com/down/beta/LNG_CZ.zip (5 KB)

Install instructions:
extract the files into the languages directory of SimuStarter

Thanks for the translation, Nalim.[/url]
Passenger transport tutorial online! New tip and tutorials!
 Submitted on  10/13/04 by Webmaster
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Today I have published the final version of the passenger transport tutorial.
I hope you like it :D

Additionally I have published the short How to build a station with space between the platforms tutorial.

Yesterday I have published a new tip.

In a few weeks a new SimuStarter version will be released.
Simutrans released (Public release)
 Submitted on  9/27/04 by Webmaster
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A new public Simutrans version has been released.

You can download it here:
Simutrans Chat
 Submitted on  9/15/04 by Webmaster
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The chat is about anything on simutrans. You can use mirc (Shareware), Chatzilla (Firefox addon) and other IRC-clients to join the chat.


English chat
- each Saturday, 9:00PM (GMT)

German chat
- each Sunday, 18:00 (GMT)
- each Wednesday, 19:00 (GMT)

Spanish: Monday 19:30 (GMT)
Locomotion - New links
 Submitted on  9/3/04 by Webmaster
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I have found some new links.

A forum about Transport Tycoon and Locomotion (Transport Tycoon 2):

Locomotion Webring:

In 1985 Commodore released a transport simulation for the C64. It was called Locomotion, too.
A new poll has been started
 Submitted on  8/25/04 by Webmaster
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A new poll has been started. You can vote in the right-bottom corner on www.simutrans-tips.com.

Results of the previous poll
Please rate your Simutrans-knowledge
- very good: 8 votes (21%)
- good: 8 votes (21%)
- medium: 2 votes (6%)
- acceptable: 11 votes (30%)
- bad: 3 votes (8%)
- very bad: 2 votes (6%)
- what is simutrans?: 3 votes (8%)

Total: 37 votes
Simutrans (Important bugfixes)
 Submitted on  8/25/04 by Webmaster
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A new Simutrans version has been released. It contains some bugfixes for Simutrans and

You can find some information at:
Locomotion (more release dates and links)
 Submitted on  8/22/04 by Webmaster
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At http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/cslocomotion/index.html you can find news and screenshots from locomotion.

Release dates
- Germany: September 9, 2004
- US: September 7, 2004

- Germany: EUR 19,95 (Amazon.de)
- US: $29.99 (Amazon.com)

Pubisher website:
- Germany: http://www.de.atari.com/productpage.php?productID=398
- US: http://www.atari.com/us/games/locomotion/pc

Edit: July 26: Added link to the US-site of Atari
Simutrans development (07/2004 - 08/2004)
 Submitted on  8/20/04 by Webmaster
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There has been a noteable Simutrans-development in the last weeks. The timeline has been implemented. At the beginning of a new game you can mainly buy steam engines. Later new engines will become available.

- The suppliers of industry are displayed in the map window
(if you move the mouse over the industry marker)

- Improved text input component
- Improved scroll bar

- on map station statistics (over the station names, can be switched on/off with the !-key)
- vehicle timeline

- Factory details information (Currently texts are written only for timber plantation and coalmines. This feature will be used in the next Simutrans versions)

The timeline is switched on as default. If you install the 128x128 imageset the timeline is switched off (as of 18-aug-2004)

What is in development?
- Trams
- Monrails
- ????

Locomotion (Transport Tycoon 2) - Release date
 Submitted on  8/17/04 by Webmaster
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According to the german website of Atari Locomotion will be released in September.

Release dates:
- Germany: 09th September 2004

see: http://www.de.atari.com/productpage.php?productID=398 (german)
New screenshots
 Submitted on  6/22/04 by Webmaster
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I have uploaded new screenshots at

Because of technical problems some parts of the screenshot section are not online.
New tutorial in work - Passenger transport tutorial
 Updated on  6/11/04 by Webmaster
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I'm working on a new tutorial. The tutorial describes how to transport passengers. I think I will release it in some months or weeks. I cannot promise anything.

I think the tutorial contains some very useful information. Because of this I publish a 'preview' here. Part 1 and 2 of the tutorial are nearly finished. Part 3 and 4 are in work. They contain german sections and comments for the authors.

Passenger transport-tutorial: http://www.simutrans-tips.com/en/tutorials/passenger.php (in work!)

Comments are welcome! Do you like the tutorial or have suggestions? Please post your comments in the forum.
Tips page updated
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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The tips page has been updated. There are some new tips and tips-categories.
Transport Tycoon 2 / Transport giant
 Submitted on  5/27/04 by Webmaster
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Transport Tycoon 2

Chris Sawyer is working on Locomotion (Transport Tycoon 2)!

According to the german magazine PC Games the game will be released at the end of the year :-)

On the gamespot site you can find an article about Locomotion. It is an interview with Chris Sawyer.

http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/cslocomotion/news_6092788.html (english)

Transport giant
There is a preview of the game Transport giant in the current isue of the german PC Games magazine (6/2004). The game is scheduled for June 2004.

pcgames.de (german)
pcgames.de/?product_id=61600 (german)
SimuStarter homepage
 Submitted on  5/25/04 by Webmaster
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The SimuStarter homepage is online again.
New Screenshots; New Tips; New poll
 Submitted on  5/14/04 by Webmaster
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14-may-2004 New screenshots
I have uploaded four new screenshots at

Note: 99% of the screenshot section are offline at the at the moment

12-may-2004 New tips
Some new tips has been published in the tips-section.

11-may-2004 A new poll has been started.
How good is your Simutrans knowledge? Are you an experienced Simutrans player or a beginner? Please place your vote.
Poll closed : Which operating system do you use to ...
 Submitted on  5/12/04 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
Which operating system do you use to play for Simutrans

Poll results:
50% Windows
39% Linux
00% BeOs
11% More than one
www.simutrans-tips.com online again
 Submitted on  5/5/04 by Webmaster
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The Simutrans-Tips site was offline from 30th April to 04th May. We have moved to a new webhoster because of problems with the old provider. It seems that my old provider is out of business soonly.

The following parts of the site are NOT online:
- Screenshots
- SimuStarter homepage

They will go online as soon as possible.
New screenshots
 Submitted on  4/10/04 by Webmaster
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I have uploaded three new screenshoots. One shows a passenger transport network, one a station and one a city.

I will upload more screenshots in the next days
New Simutrans forum is online
 Submitted on  3/14/04 by Webmaster
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At http://www.simutrans-forum.de you can find a new german Simutrans forum.

Other forums:
- Official forum
- Forum of the Simutrans-Tips page
Pak128 beta version released!
 Submitted on  2/12/04 by Webmaster
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The beta version of the new 128x128 image set has been released

more information and download link:
http://simugraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=14&t_id=23 (external link)
Simutrans (experimental) has been released
 Submitted on  2/8/04 by Webmaster
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Simutrans has been released.

Players should stay at version!

more information (official Simutrans forum)
- Simutrans (version for testers)
- Simutrans (version for players)

- speed limits on city roads
- Factory info window now shows total productivity
- Added 1% waiting option to schedule UI
- completely restructured vehicle code (changed in version 0.84.0)
- Pre 0.84.x games cannot be loaded anymore
Savegames (changed in version 0.84.0)
2 years www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/20/04 by Webmaster
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The Simutrans-Tips page is online since two years :D

I would like to thank all visitors of my homepage :-)

Have a lot of fun with playing Simutrans ....

SimuStarter 0.29.8 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  1/18/04 by Webmaster
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SimuStarter 0.29.8 has been released.


  • Low Level Settings dialog:
    simuconf.tab can be found with Simutrans 0.29.x
  • you cannot create profiles with one of the
    following characters in the name:
  • [ ]

  • The 128x128 imageset is dedected as scenario now
  • Increased size of filelist in Start Simutrans dialog
  • Version info in mail dialog can be copied into the clipboard
    (rigth click on to open a context menu)
  • Updated translations (French, German, Brazilian portuguese)
  • reordered profiles menu

Minor changes:
  • minor improvements to setup
  • code cleanup
Broken links on www.simutrans-tips.com
 Submitted on  1/14/04 by Webmaster
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Some days ago I have uploaded a new version of the Simutrans-Tips homepage. Due of this update many links to www.simutrans-tips.com has become invalid. This broken links will be logged repaired.
www.simutrans-tips.com - problems
 Updated on  1/14/04 by Webmaster
Comments (3)
The webserver of my webhoster (and other webhosters) has been attacked last weekend. The webserver was offline for 30-40 hours.

I have noted problems with the new Simutrans-tips page. It hasn't worked anymore. I hope I have fixed all errors. Could you please report me all errors you note. Thanks.

On the way: The new Simutrans-Tips page is now available at www.simutrans-tips.com. The site http://test.simutrans-tips.com is offline now.
Simutrans released (experimental version)
 Submitted on  1/11/04 by Webmaster
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Simutrans has been released some days ago.

The Simutrans 0.83.x.x releases should only be used for testing the new line management. Players should stay at version!

more information (official Simutrans forum)
- Simutrans (version for testers)
- Updated imageset for Simutrans
- Simutrans (version for players)

PAK file update. 11-Jan-04
Happy new year
 Submitted on  12/30/03 by Webmaster
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Another year inclines to itself the end. It was an eventful year for the Simutrans community. The development of the new 128x128 imageset accompanied us through this year. Also Simutrans experienced many improvements.

In June 2002 it was decided that Simutrans will get a new imageset with more detailed images. The development of the 128x128 imageset started in January 2003. Some weeks ago the first alpha release of the new imageset has been published in the Simutrans group.

The new imageset contains many improvements like better graphics, more engines, buildings and new industry chains. Many people have invested much time into the new imageset. I would like the thank them very much for the great new imageset.

A lot of new features have been added to Simutrans in 2003:
  • Zoom-function
  • Legend in Map-Window
  • New extended depot window
  • Improved station information window
  • Slope-Tools
  • Line-Management (only in very experimental Simutrans releases yet)
  • Loading grade bar in vehicle list and vehicle information window
  • Speed bar in vehicle information window
  • Rating of good and passanger transport services (see station information window)
  • Elecrified tracks (2002?)
  • New translations
  • Finances Window has been improved very much
  • Compressed savegames
  • Many bugfixes
  • ...

Due of problems during the change of the webhoster the Simutrans-Tips site (www.simutrans-tips.com) was offline for about three weeks.

Since some months a screenshot section with images of the comming 128x128 imageset and a new link page is online. The news section has been extended in May 2003.

In January 2004 an updated train-tutorial will be published.

... we wish you an happy new year!
New links
 Submitted on  12/25/03 by Webmaster
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Some links has been added to the links page of www.simutrans-tips.com

see: http://links.simutrans-tips.com/
Pak128 alpha version released!
 Updated on  12/15/03 by Webmaster
Comments (1)
An alpha version of the new 128x128 image set has been released :-)
I hope you will really enjoy playing with new image set.
It has more of everything compared to old 64x64 one. The painters spent over 1000 hours creating it!

more information and download link:
http://simugraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=14&t_id=10 (external link)
New screenshots
 Submitted on  11/19/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
Tomas Kubes has uploaded some new screenshots of the 128x128 imageset.

See: http://screenshots.simutrans-tips.com/
SimuStarter 0.29.7 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  11/9/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
The new SimuStarter version includes some bugfixes.
Users of SimuStarter 0.29.3 - 0.29.6 should install the new SimuStarter

You can download a patch for version 0.29.6 here:
New links page
 Submitted on  10/29/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
At http://links.simutrans-tips.com you can find a preview of the new links page of www.simutrans-tips.com. Comments are welcome.
New screenshots
 Submitted on  10/19/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
I have uploaded four new screenshots of the 128x128 imageset at

The screenshot section of www.simutrans-tips.com has moved to:
Offtopic: Top7 List (German)
 Submitted on  10/18/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
Maybe this is a bit offtopic here.

The Top 7 list (german) is a weekly distributed mailing list. It contains funny comments about topics like 'Hints, that you are paranoid' or 'Hints, that your dog believes to be a cat'.

Have much fun with the Top7 list.

http://www.familie-ahlers.de/top7/index.html (german only)
New tips
 Submitted on  10/11/03 by Webmaster
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I have uploaded some new tips at http://forum.simutrans-tips.com/viewforum.php?f=3
(Simutrans-Tips forum)
RSS Feed
 Submitted on  10/10/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
You can now access the Simutrans-Tips forum through an RSS feed.

RSS-Feeds of the Simutrans-Tips forum (http://forum.simutrans-tips.com):

Simutrans 0.82.10exp is available for BeOS
 Submitted on  9/30/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
After a long time a new Simutrans version for BeOS has been released.

Simutrans 0.82.10exp is now available for BeOS, too.

You can download it on the Simutrans homepage:
Simutrans-tips page updates
 Submitted on  9/27/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
The forum has moved to:

The download page is available again.
SimuStarter 0.29.6 has been released (experimental)
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
- Profiles can be deleted (there is a bug in this function)
- Translations has been updated (Brasilian, Chinese, French, English)
- small changes

The new delete function has a bug. If you delete a profile it will not be
removed from the list of available profiles. If you try to select the
deleted profile an error message will be displayed.

You can download SimuStarter here:
Simutrans 0.82.10exp released
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
Simutrans 0.82.10exp has been released. It is an experimental version with some bugfixes.

You can download it here:
www.simutrans-tips.com is online again
 Submitted on  9/24/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
The Simutrans-Tips site and the SimuStarter page are online again.

Because of some problems with the change to a new webhoster, the sites have been offline for some weeks.

Simutrans-Tips page:

Simustarter page:

The Simutrans-Tips forum is available here:
Simutrans 0.82.9exp has been released
 Submitted on  9/16/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
It is a bugfix release.

More details here:
Simutrans 0.82.8exp released
 Submitted on  9/7/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
Simutrans 0.82.8exp has been released.

It is mainly a bugfix release.

See: http://www.simugraph.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=10
Simutrans 0.82.5exp (30-July-2003) is available
 Submitted on  8/2/03 by Webmaster
Comments (0)
A new experimental Simutrans version is available. You can download it on the Simutrans homepage.

In Simutrans 0.82.5exp some bugs has been fixed. It is also possible to use the heightmaps again. You can find some heightmaps on Ondřejs homepage.

Download Simutrans
Ondřejs homepage (Heighmaps)

Alternative means to access the news archive

- RSS feed (info)
- Simutrans-Tips forum

Old news archive

- January 2002 - July 2003

(c) 2002-2005 by Markus Weber

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